Chapter 3
Frequently Asked Questions

If your acquisition matrix is larger than 128x128, the automatic DMR-VMR co-registration feature in BrainVoyager QX will possibly fail. This means, you might need to do manual co-registration.
We strongly recommend the acquisition matrix to be at maximum 128x128, since a larger matrix will be zero-filled in k-space (=interpolated in image space), resulting in data redundancy. Please ask your MR technician to turn off interpolation for DW-MRI acquisition.
 3.1 General
  3.1.1 Incorrect color coding FA maps
 3.2 Project Creation related
  3.2.1 I can’t get my data into BrainVoyager, or the values are all wrong
  3.2.2 The create project wizard does not work or crashes BrainVoyager
 VDW related
  3.2.3 Fine-Tuning alignment does not work properly
  3.2.4 Optional: Manual Co-registration of DMR with VMR