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fmr2vmrplugin (image mapping and similarity)


With this plugin, it is possible to project ("map") between a functional image (FMR) to an anatomical image (VMR). This plugin performs in fact the same as BrainVoyager in the initial alignment (some use the term "rigid body registration"), where the coordinates of the FMR are calculated into coordinates on the VMR. The plugin actually has some related functions, namely the inverse (VMR to FMR) and FMR to FMR:
1. FMR -> VMR
2. VMR -> FMR
3. FMR -> FMR
The image is saved with a new name.
This plugin could be useful for the following circumstances:
- Masking: Create a brain extracted VMR, save in a FMR and use this as a mask (for example, for anatabacus v1.1).
- Also, since v.0.9.1, this plugin can be used to calculate the similarity between images; for FMR to VMR (option 1) and FMR to FMR (option 3), the plugin calculates the normalised cross-correlation (NCC). This can be used for example to assess the similarity of the FMR to the VMR after EPI distortion correction. In the renewed version (20-02-15), the NCC between FMRs (option 3) is calculated before intensity scaling (due to mapping via the VMR), which is the "proper" NCC, and after mapping via the VMR (which gives a higher NCC).
20-02-2015, v0.9.1 (renewed): for Mac OS X for BrainVoyager 20 on Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit
Open a VMR, then an FMR, and optionally another FMR (for FMR -> FMR mapping). Open the BrainVoyager QX "Plugins" menu and select 'fmr2vmrplugin'.
fmr2vmrplugin v091 distancemeasures
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