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Visual Scripting Editor I

Visual Scripting Editor - 1.0

The present webpages are intended to help you to build your first scripts with BrainVoyager using a visual programming editor. The instructions are represented as blocks which you can assemble to create scripts. At present, the visual scripting editor is available as a plugin for BrainVoyager 20 and above, or as a web editor. Once the script is ready, it can be saved in Python (plugin and web version) or JavaScript (web version only) and run into BrainVoyager without further work. If you have no experience with scripting, we recommend to use Python as it offers much more functionalities and it supports many different neuroscience and machine learning tools. The editor is based on Blockly. The images below are examples of the visual scripting editor.

The web version:

Visual scripting editor - web version

or the plugin version:

Visual graphic editor plugin version

On the left of the images, you have a toolbox. Clicking on any item will give you access to scripting commands. In the middle, the visual editors with some example blocks to run a loop, open a BrainVoyager document and execute a function on the open document. On the right hand side, the corresponding script automatically generated, here in Phyton.

The buttons on the top of the web page, or the menu in the plugin version, allow you to load a previously saved script created with the visual editor, save the current script both in xml for further use with the visual editor, and in JavaScript or Python for further use with BrainVoyager. The right hand side button allows you to clear all blocks from the workspace to start a new script. The search function allows you to search for a block with a given property. It will search through the tips associated with each block and return the corresponding blocks in the first part of the toolbox.

This visual editor is under development. We advice you to come and check regularly this webpage where we will try to report all known issues that we cannot solve directly but also major changes. At the moment, the created JavaScript works for both version 2.8 and version 20.0. Python script are only for BV 20.0 and higher. The list of available functions should increase on a regular basis. If you need some specific functions not included yet, send an email to support at brainvoyager dot com. You may also report there all bugs and trouble with the visual editor.

You may now start scripting with the web version in JavaScript or in Python, or using the Windows 64 plugin, or Mac plugin. In the latter case, after downloading the file, unzip it and move the VisualScritpingEditor folder to your Documents\BVExtensions\Plugins_64 folder. Then, move the visualScriptingEditor.dll (for Windows user) or the visualScriptingEditor.dylib (for Mac user)  and visualScriptingEditor.js files into the Plugins_64 folder directly. You may now restart BrainVoyager and the plugin will appear in the plugin list. Right now, the way the plugin works will not allow any other plugin to be run in parallel or after the plugin. You will have to save your work and restart BrainVoyager if you want to use another plugin.

For further information, read the scripting documentation in the next pages.

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