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Figure: data with 120 gradient directions visualized by DirectionInspector plugin on standard sphere

This plugin visualizes the gradient directions for DWI data in order to show whether the directions cover the whole sphere, which can be useful for some eddy current correction or reversed gradient susceptibility artifact correction methods.
The colors run gradually from red to blue.
Note: to obtain the view of the whole sphere including the back of the sphere, switch off 'Back face culling' via Meshes > Rendering Options > Quality. In the Render Quality dialog that appears, check off "Back face culling".

Unzip, place plugin (*.dll, *.dylib, *.so) and JavaScript (*.js) in /(My Documents)/BVQXExtensions/Plugins_64/ or - when using BrainVoyager 20 - in /(My) Documents/BVExtensions/Plugins_*/.

Open an anatomical image (*.vmr), then a diffusion weighted project (*.dmr); the *.dmr should have a *.grb file loaded and the 'Gradient directions and b-value(s)' should be checked.
Then the plugin can be started via BrainVoyager > Plugins > GradientInspector.


Figure: required settings in *.dmr for running DirectionInspector plugin

Windows: 32-bit, 64-bit, for BrainVoyager 20.0: 32-bit64-bit
Linux: on request (please email support)
Latest update: 29-04-16
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