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ROI to VOI batch processing

With this plugin you can convert ROI files into VOI files. This is commonly done when you want to re-analyze a region in volume space that was defined in fmr space, for example in a real time experiment using Turbo Brainvoyager.

All you need to run the plugin is 1 text file with the following format:

1. First line must either be empty or it can contain a "base" path name. This path is prepended to all the filenames so after that, it needs to be a full valid filename. You can choose to not use this and put the full file path for each file, but make sure the first line is empty then!
From this point on, empty lines are skipped, so you can add them for formatting if you want
2. The first filename specified needs to be of a roi-file
3. Then you need to specify the FMR filename
4. Next the IA.trf filename
5. The FA.trf filename
6. The ACPC.trf filename
7. And optional the TAL.trf filename (if you want to go to TAL space)
8. To process more ROIs you can add more filenames to the text file. Just repeat steps 2-7 as often as needed.

The plugin continues until no next roi-file is found. A simple example of a valid text file would be:





Version History:

v1.4 (03-08-2015): Windows 64-bitWindows 32-bitMacOS

- Improved robustness in case of user mistakes in text file

v1.2 (17-11-2014): Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, MacOS

- Improved text handeling
- More feedback to the logtab in case a file does not exist

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