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Merge SMPs

This plugin can be used to merge 2 SMPs (surface maps) into one SMP as addition to the available merging of surface meshes.

If you've started your analysis for the Left and Right hemisphere separately, you have the option to merge the surfaces of the 2 hemispheres into a single whole brain surface file. After merging you cannot just load surface maps for either the left or right hemisphere onto the merged surface. With this plugin you have the option to merge the surface maps in exactly the same way you merged the left and right hemisphere surfaces in the BrainVoyager Merge Meshes dialog shown below:



The plugin doesn't require any files to be loaded, but will ask you 3 things:

1. Select the first SMP file; needs to belong to the mesh number 1 in the merge meshes dialog

2. Select the second SMP file (belonging to mesh number 2) that will be merged with the first one

3. Choose a name for saving the merged SMP


Version 1.1 up to BV20 / QX 3.0 (09-05-2016)Windows 64bit, Windows 32bit

Version 1.0 (01-08-2014)Windows 64bit, Windows 32bit, MacOS

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