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VTC inspector

The VTC inspector is a tool that gives some information about your VTC. It helps you to inspect your data without the need of going over all the time courses individually. A lot of the VTC inspector functions, like which output you want to generate and what to regard as an outlier, are customizable in a menu for Brainvoyager 2.1 and higher.

The output of the VTC inspector is:

  • A Temporal Signal to Noise map: dividing the mean signal intensity in a voxel by the standard deviation of its signal time course.
  • A 1+2 time lagged autocorrelation map that can give you an indication of where in the brain a meaningful (i.e. not random noise) signal is measured. This is more of an experimental feature.
  • An outlier map with the maximum deviation (in standard deviations) of each time course. By default this map is thresholded between 4 and 8 standard deviations (>4 is considered an outlier, but this is customizable). 
  • A temporal outlier list written to the log tab (and optional csv file) of how many VTC voxels in a certain volume are outliers and how may of them are considered as spikes (spike definition is customizable). This information could for example be used to create a confound predictor that filters out a certain time point.

Latest Changes

v1.2 (23 november 2011)
    - Fixed bug that could cause a crash with very long names.
    - Speed improvement in windows using compiler optimizations.

v1.1 (12 august 2011)
   - Reduced Memory usage by only taking single time courses for transforming/caluculating instead of the whole 4D data block.

v1.0 (09 July 2010)
   - Beta Status removed, official 1.0 release.
   - Added the option to process a list of VTC files that is created in the user interface.
   - A Mac compilation of the plugin is now available

beta (31 March 2010)
   -   GUI menu added for Brainvoyager 2.1, latest settings automatically saved.
   -   Added a windows 64-bit version.

VTCinspector1_0    VTCinspector_v13_interface_Mac.png

VTCinspector_Outliers VTCinspector_autocorr VTCinspector_TSNR

From left to right the following maps are show: Outliers, 1+2 Lagged AutoCorrelation, TSNR

- For the old 1.10.4 you need to activate the maps in the Volume Maps dialog to see it. 


VTCinspector 1.3 for BrainVoyager 21.0 (win 64-bit)

VTCinspector 1.3 for BrainVoyager 20.0 (win 64-bit), (32-bit)

VTCinspector 1.3 for BrainVoyager 20.0 and 21.0 (Mac OS X)

VTCinspector 1.2 for BVQX 2.1.x and higher (win 32-bit) 

VTCinspector 1.2 for BVQX 2.1.x and higher (win 64-bit)

VTCinspector 1.2 for BVQX 2.1.x and higher (Mac OS X) (compiled in Snow Leopard)

VTCinspector 1.2 for BVQX 2.1.x and higher (Linux 64bit)

VTCinspector 1.0 beta for BVQX 1.10.4 (win 32-bit) (without user interface)

Please write to support AT brainvoyager DOT com in case you find any errors or want to give feedback on the VTC inspector!

Latest update: 03-10-18

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