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We from Brain Innovation support team have made it our mission help you in the best possible way. You can help us to achieve this goal by following these guidelines on what to expect from us.  Please contact us in case you:


  • have problems with loading your (raw) data into the program
  • encounter a program crash or other bug
  • find a missing feature you critically need to conclude a study or would like to see
  • cannot find instructions on how to use a specific feature in the program
  • are interested in receiving training in the use of BrainVoyager QX (both abroad and on-site)


Note that issues related to data input as well as crash/bug reports will be given highest priority. We will also try to help with more general questions (e.g. advice on experimental designs), and you will be informed whether or not Brain Innovation is able to offer consulting support in your specific case. Please be aware that, at this time, we might not be able to provide in-depth consulting services, especially in cases where this would require several days of work on our part. In such cases we will try to provide you with references to available literature (where applicable) and you are asked to consult those references for a more profound understanding of the underlying problems and their solutions.

Although our staff members are reachable by their individual email addresses, it is highly advised to send all support related questions to support AT brainvoyager DOT com, as this guarantees faster processing and less waiting time!

A new and very usefull support tool is the remote desktop like application teamviewer that gives us the possibility to not only demonstrate program features but also to show them directly on your data! Please let us know if you want to request a teamviewer session.

During normal business hours (9AM through 6PM, CEST/CET), our staff can additionally be reached over the phone. please call +31 43 2100120

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