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Importing atlases


This website links to some external atlases and describes possible approaches how to import these in BrainVoyager.

Which regions are available in the atlas? Distinguish: is it also subcortical?

How are the regions defined? Functionally or anatomically?


AtlasImport small

General approach about MNI to TAL.

A good general resource is


External: GingerALE (load finished VOIs in MNI space > convert foci (VOIs) > text file; >> there is document from Armin. (download coords in Text, and download Matlab script mni2tal.m.)

Internal: >>

 >> Issues: high resolution data, bounding boxes


One approach in BrainVoyager is the copy labels approach.


Standard regions are very important for scientific research, >> (essay Armin)

1. AAL: simple Matlab script (for Windows/Mac) to import the AAL.nii available on request

-> need solution for nr of labels / get import VOI working for NIfTI converter

2. BALSA Glasser:

3. Benson (2012, 2014):

4. Probabilistic Maps of Visual Topography in Human Cortex by Kastner (Princeton):

Document describing the steps to import: PDF

Import VOI atlas Kastner ArminsApproach


5. Willard Atlas (Stanford):

Import via NeuroElf.

6. NeuroSynth.

7. Anatomy atlas SPM Zilles. >> AH to send document.

8. Talairach daemon

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