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GIFTI conversion plugin


GIFTI is an XML-based format that stores surface data for (f)MRI (for more information, please see The following conversions are possible (notice the different naming conventions):

  • Brainvoyager Surfaces file (*.srf)  ↔ GIFTI Surface file (*.surf.gii)
    Brainvoyager Mesh time course (*.mtc) ↔ GIFTI time series (*.time.gii)
    Brainvoyager Statistical output map (*.smp) ↔ GIFTI functional output (*.func.gii)
    BrainVoyager surface file (*.srf)  ↔ GIFTI surface file (*.surf.gii)
  • BrainVoyager mesh time course (*.mtc) ↔ GIFTI time series (*.time.gii)
  • BrainVoyager statistical output map (*.smp) ↔ GIFTI functional output (*.func.gii)
  • BrainVoyager surface file (*.srf) colors ↔ GIFTI Color Label Table (*.label.gii) (v1.3)

Help is included in the plugin's zip files. If placed in the 'BVExtensions/Plugins_x/' folder, the help will be accessible via the BrainVoyager Plugins menu > Description > GIFTI > link to help.


For BrainVoyager 20 & 21 on Mac OS X (including a bug fix which caused a crash for HCP fsaverage files)(20-09-18). Windows 64 (beta version 21-09-18)

GIFTIConverter v1.6: for BrainVoyager 20 on Windows 64-bit.

Converter v1.4 including export and import of POIs (GIFTI label files) for BrainVoyager QX 2.3 and higher: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac OS X.


The built-in HTML manual can be found in via a link in the "Description Of Plugins" option of the "Plugins" menu in BrainVoyager or in /Documents/BVExtensions/Plugins_64/GIFTIconverterHelp/. For a quick look at the documentation, the manual for v1.5 can be downloaded here.

Version history:

Converter v1.3 was updated with color import and export. Compilation for Linux Ubuntu.
Figure: GIFTI surface in Brainvoyager and Caret


For conversion of volumetric data, see the NIfTI conversion plugin page.

Data issues

In case of problematic data that the GIFTI plugin cannot export, one could try to export the mesh to *.obj, *.dae or *.stl format via the BrainVoyager > Meshes > Export Mesh menu option, and then convert the *.obj file to GIFTI format via for example Surf Ice by Chris Rorden (McCausland Center for Brain Imaging, USA). Surf Ice might also read BrainVoyager files directly.

BV export to other srf formats

Also, the R-package freesurferformats by Tim Schaefer (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) reads BrainVoyager files directly and can save as GIFTI.

Finally, Prof. Jens Schwarzbach wrote a toolbox, enriched by Tarr Lab (CMU), to import FreeSurfer files, for example regions of interest:


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