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The "imagecalculator" plugin can be used to calculate with image intensities. The calculation can be entered via a formula, where the image needs to be denoted as `x', for example `x+3000' if the intensities in an image are too low and one would like to add 3000 to each voxel value. The following operators are recognized: +, -, /, *; also '(' and ')' can be used. For the first version, only the VTC file format is accepted.

Installation and usage

Unzip the file, place in /Documents/BVQXExtensions/Plugins_64/. Then start BrainVoyager. The image calculator should show up in the "Plugins" menu. The file(s), formula and suffix for the changed file can be entered via the dialog (see below for a screenshot).


v01 for BrainVoyager QX 2.6 and higher: Windows 64bit, Mac OS 10.x

ImageCalculator 130315h with VolumeClass2

ImageCalculator 130315h with VolumeClass4

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