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Scripting BrainVoyager from Matlab (COM)

To use BrainVoyager's scripting functions from Matlab, the following document is available:

Table of contents:
1 Introduction 7
2 Creating documents 21
3 Preprocessing functional data 41
4 Transformations 51
5 Experimental design 71
6 Statistical analysis 81
7 Surface meshes 91
8 Using NeuroElf 105
BrainVoyager 23 example scripts for Matlab: (more to follow)
(containing create_fmr_document.m, coregister_fmr_vmr_create_vtc.m, create_faces_houses_protocol.m, create_vmr_transform_to_tal_and_mni.m, create_vmrdocument_via_interface.m, rename_anonymise.m)
(containing bvprotocol_to_bvdesignmatrix.m, coregister_fmr_vmr_create_vtc.m, create_cgobjects_protocol.m, create_fmr_document.m, create_mtc_file.m, create_multiple_vtcs.m, create_multistudy_designmatrix.m, create_vmrdocument_via_interface.m, CreateVMRTransformToTALandMNI.m, diffusion_weighted_data.m, intra_session_alignment.m, isovoxel_vmr.m, meshes.m, MeshLoading.m, MeshMTCSingleStudyGLM.m, preprocess_fmr.m, preprocess_vtc.m)


Note: the LoadVOIFile() function temporarily does not work in BV22.2. This will be fixed as soon as possible. The equivalent function in Python load_vois() works fine.

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