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Scripting Reference for BrainVoyager

The reference manual for scripting in BrainVoyager can be downloaded via the links below.

Scripting users guide for BrainVoyager:

Scripting reference for BrainVoyager 23 (4.6mb)(13 February 2024)

This guide contains the following chapters:
1. Introduction 
2. The BrainVoyager Script Editor
3. BrainVoyager Scripting Commands (API)

4. Creating scripts with dialogs
5. JavaScript language

Scripting reference for BrainVoyager 22.2.1 (October 2021)


General notes:

- CorrectMotion() is described as using trilinear interpolation, but in some versions of BrainVoyager uses SINC interpolation (f.e. BV20.2; in BV20.4 it is Trilinear-SINC). The text will be changed in the next version of the Reference. To be certain about the type of interpolation, use CorrectMotionEx().

- If the temporal high-pass filter is applied via the graphical user interface of BrainVoyager, the resulting filename ('*THPGLM*') does not contain 'LTR', while via scripting, it does. However, when comparing the files (binary), they are the same.

Note for BrainVoyager 20.4: The description for CreateVTCInMNISpace() in the Reference Manual distributed with the BrainVoyager installer contains one argument too many (the ACPC trf file). For the correct version, see the Manual above.

Note for BrainVoyager 20: There seems to be an issue with the function AutoTransformToIsovoxel(). This has been reported and is awaiting a fix. Also, the combination of Windows 10 and BrainVoyager 20 seems to give problems for scripting of motion correction. This is caused by the default movie handler on Windows 10 trying to open the motion correction movie. A temporary solution could be to use CorrectMotionEx() and set the movie parameter to 'false' (parameter 5). With thanks to Tobias Meissner.   .

Note for BrainVoyager QX 2.8.2: The function RenameDicomFilesInDirectory() does not work. This has been entered in our database and will be fixed. As a temporary solution, one might try the Matlab scripts to rename:

Note for BrainVoyager QX 2.8.0 and 2.8.2: The function AutoTransformToSAG() for VMR files does only work in special cases (when the 3D Volume Tools is open); this is fixed in BrainVoyager QX 2.8.4.

For BrainVoyager QX 2.4.2 users: Please note that the VMR properties ‘UseBoundingBoxForVTCCreation’ and ‘ExtendedTALSpaceForVTCCreation’ should be set to true or false (this applies to all spaces) before starting to create a VTC, otherwise the VTCs can have unpredictable sizes.

For a guide to start with scripting in BrainVoyager, please refer to page Guide to start with scripting.

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