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This document is a step-by-step manual for an analysis of a diffusion weighted MRI data set in BrainVoyager QX. It is assumed that the reader has basic understanding of the principles behind Diffusion-Weighted Imaging. It starts with data import and how to create a DMR: a Diffusion weighted MR dataset.

The next stage is co-registration of a DMR project to an anatomical data set (VMR). If you are familiar with BV, than you will immediately appreciate the similarity with FMR/VMR co-registration.

The manual will then show you how to calculate fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity maps, and how to display them on the VMR.

We will then go into 3-D space and show how to display the tensor data. Fiber tracking, both ROI-based and interactively, will be treated next. The following chapter will show you how to do multi-subject analysis of DWI data.

Menu/button commands etcetera are displayed in a typewriter font.

Further support

If you have any questions regarding DTI analysis in BrainVoyager after reading this manual, please have a look at the information at or contact Support directly

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Last update: August 2, 2011