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Convert a VOI to TAL

Start with the VOI in native space.


Convert the VOI into a drawing object via Analysis > Region-Of-Interest Analysis > Options > VOI Functions > Convert.


Hide the VOI to display the drawing object (blue).


Then, load only the drawing object as a VMR via 3D Volume Tools > Segmentation > Reload marked



Save this VMR as "voi.vmr" or the like.

Now, we can convert voi.vmr into ACPC space. Go to 3D Volume Tools > Spatial Transformations. Load "_ACPC.trf" and apply the transformation. You might want to try different interpolation options. Nearest neighbour interpolation will give a one-to-one transformation, while the other options will slightly smooth the VOI. The result will be saved as "voi_TRF.vmr" as default, so you may change it to "voi_ACPC.vmr"



Next step is to perform the Talairach transformation. Load the vmr created in the previous step and go to 3D Volume Tools > Talairach. Load a TAL file and click ACPC to TAL. Now the file will be saved as "voi_TAL.vmr".


The final step is to create a VOI from the voi_TAL.vmr. Open the VMR, go to 3D Volume tools > Segmentation and set the minimum intensity to 1. Then click "Range". All voxels belonging to the VOI will be marked as blue.


Now, go to Segmentation > Options and click Define VOI. Give the VOI a name and save. Done!


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