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BrainVoyager Volume Space Coregistration: Functional-Anatomical Spatial transformations in Brainvoyager

Spatial transformations in Brainvoyager

The document "Spatial transformations in BrainVoyager" by prof. Goebel aims to provide detailed knowledge about spatial transformations in general and how they are implemented in BrainVoyager. The document focuses on the axes systems, coordinate systems or spatial reference systems used in BrainVoyager and the assumed order of  rotations of axes. In addition, it is described how rotation, translation and scaling transformations are properly combined to create a 4x4 affine transformation matrix as well as how such a matrix is properly decomposed into elementary transformations. The presented information is aimed towards advanced users who want to

a) simply understand these issues better or

b) want to use transformation results from other software in BrainVoyager or

c) want to use transformation results produced by BrainVoyager for other (custom) software.

The document also contains information about transformation files (*.trf) in BrainVoyager, which store the 4x4 transformation matrices.

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For background infomation about transformations within and between coordinate systems, see for example Chapter 5 in Foley, Van Dam, Feiner and Hughes (1995) Computer Graphics: Principles & Practice (2nd ed.) or Chapter 10 in the 3rd edition.

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