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Single User (local dongle) problems

HASP USB driver installation fails on Windows

It is a known problem that you must not insert the HASP USB key on Windows before installing the driver. The problem arises when Windows detects the USB device and, falsely, installs a Plug-and-Play driver that is not compatible with the requirements set by the software from Aladdin. When that happens, the USB key will have a (useless) driver attached to its signature, thus denying the HASP driver access to the hardware.

In case you yet inserted the key before the installation of the driver (and this problem actually occurs), first download the latest driver setup file from the HASP download pages and unpack/install them. Then please open the system's hardward configuration (right click on My Computer, select Properties, and then click on the Hardware tab. There click on the Device Manager button and locate the USB key device in the list. Then right click on the device and select the Update driver... option. You then select the driver from the list of compatible devices and after pressing OK, the correct driver will be loaded instead of the default one.

HASP USB driver installation fails on Mac OS X

For information on HASP related issues on Mac OS X, please have a look at the Mac OS X specific issues document.

HASP USB driver installation fails on Ubuntu

When trying to install the HASP driver on ubuntu, you might encounter the following:

~# mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb

an error is returned "mount point does not exist".

Support for usbfs has been omitted from the newer kernels (>, but is put back again in kernel 2.6.34 Updating the kernel solves the problem.

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