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BrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Imaging Interaction With Other Software Convert TrackVis trk file to BrainVoyager fbr

Convert TrackVis trk file to BrainVoyager fbr

This section is experimental: please check the fiber orientation carefully after the conversion!

In this page is described how to convert TrackVis ( trk files into BrainVoyager fiber files (*.fbr).


  1. The m-files needed for the conversion were tested with Matlab R2008a.
  2. BVQXtools or NeuroElf, to download from
  3. TrackVis read/write functions to download from
  4. Add BVQXtools and TrackVis read/write functions to your Matlab path
  5. Download the following file and put the unzipped m-file into your Matlab path:

Getting Started

  1. Create DMR and VMR in BrainVoyager
  2. Co-register DMR to VMR, create VDW and DDT and make sure the tensors display correctly
  3. From the DMR, get the POS info as displayed below (in DMR Properties > Pos info), in this example -83.012
  4. From the VMR get the POS info (in VMR Properties > Pos info), in this example -11.5663
  5. Subtract the absolute DMR pos value from the absolute value of the VMR pos info, i.e. 83.012-11.5663 = 71.4457. Write this value down.
  6. For the conversion, we need the offset from the TrackVis origin to the BrainVoyager origin. For the x and y offset, this is usually 0.5*X/Y dimension of the VMR, so 256/2=128 in most cases. The z offset is the value we calculated earlier, i.e. 71.4457. These 3 values are inputs to the conversion function.

In Matlab, do

>> cd /path-to-TrackVis fibers/

>> fbr = trk_to_fbr(128,128,71.4457); % this is trk_to_fbr(XOffset,YOffset,ZOffset)

The program will first ask for a trk file, and then to save the fbr file.


TrackVis 0.5.1 BrainVoyager 2.3.0
TRK_TrackVis TRKinBV
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