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AutoIT - Mirror VOI

Developed by Jasper van den Bosch


In some cases you may have a VOI definition available of a brain region, but not a definition of its contralateral counterpart. This tool will create the exact copy of your VOI definition(s) but with the x-coordinates of its voxels inverted, effectively creating a hypothetical contralateral definition of the region. Note however that this copy has limited validity; a brainregion will not usually appear exactly on the same location in the other hemisphere, plus the coordinates are dependent on the validity of the Talairach transformation. 


Download the zip-file found at the bottom of this page and unzip it. Double-click the contained mirrorVOI.exe file to start the program. Open a BrainVoyager .voi volume-of-interest definition file with the button 'open .voi file..'. Select the regions-of-interest that you want to create a mirror image of, and click 'Mirror selected VOIs'. The program will then show the newly created copy/copies, which are saved as a .VOI file, with the same location and name as the original file, but with '-fromMirror' added to the filename.


Download Contains the program executable and source code.

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