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ProLog (Stand Alone, Windows)

Developed by Job van den Hurk

ProLog creates BrainVoyager (Brain Innovation) stimulation protocol files (*.prt) out of Presentation (Neurobs) log files (*.log). ProLog recognizes Sound, Picture, Video and Response events, and does not require the log files to be adjusted beforehand. The resolution of the resulting protocol files is in milliseconds.


ProLog is still in its testing phase; it is therefore not unlikely that you will encounter unexpected errors, bugs or crashes. In that case, please write me an email and attach the log file that was being processed at the time of the error.

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, please send an email to:
Job.vandenhurk (at) MAASTRICHTUNIVERSITY (dot) nl

Known issues
Version 2.x

  • Only when run in Windows Vista: The progressbar never seems to get past 50‐70%. This does not affect the functionality of the program.
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