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Scripts for BrainVoyager (Python, *.py)


Python-scripts (*.py) can be used from BrainVoyager 20. Python is an experimental feature in BrainVoyager 20.0.

  • For more information about Python in BrainVoyager, please see Rainer's BV blog. They are an addition to the scripts that are available in the folder /(My) Documents/BrainVoyager/BVExtensions/PythonScripts/ after installation of BrainVoyager.
  • For the Brain Innovation GitHub page, please see for example for code to create physiological noise regressors.
  • For a BrainVoyager file formats libraries in Python, see (SMP, SRF, SSM, VMP, VMR, VOI, VTC) and (CTR, MDM, PRT, SDM, VOI formats).
  • For Python in BrainVoyager documentation, please see "Python" > "Python Developer Guide" in the BrainVoyager menu, or older documentation is available online at
  • For information about the Python language and some useful libraries, see: Python website and the SciPy website. Also, the JavaScript language can still be used in BrainVoyager (see JavaScripts), and on Mac, AppleScript can be used.

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