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Scripts for BrainVoyager (Python, *.py)


The Python-scripts (*.py) below can be used from BrainVoyager 20. Python is an experimental feature in BrainVoyager 20.0. For more information about Python in BrainVoyager, please see Rainer's BV blog.They are an addition to the scripts that are available in the folder /(My) Documents/BVExtensions/PythonScripts/ after installation of BrainVoyager. For Python in BrainVoyager documentation, please see For information about the Python language and some useful libraries, see: Python website and the SciPy website.

Also, the JavaScript language can still be used in BrainVoyager (see JavaScripts), and on Mac, AppleScript can be used.

python menu bv


Simple script to read/write a transformation file (only type 2, *_a12.trf): (zipped)
Simple script to show slices of VMR volumes (one anatomical, one VTC-in-VMR volume), see figure below: (zipped)

show img slices

Script to calculate mutual information between an anatomical image (VMR) and a functional image saved as VMR: (zipped)
Usage: load in BrainVoyager Python editor, click 'Run'. File dialogs asking for the VMRs will appear, and 9 figures of histograms, etc. The next version (v0.2) will be adapted for VTC or FMR.

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