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Motion correction processor

Process the motion predictor SDM to either quantify the displacement or create a variety of confound models based on the motion predictors.




First load the FMR you would like to generate displacement maps on and then start the plugin. Help is included in the user interface.


Version 2.1 (30-06-2016, 07-12-17)Windows 64bitWindows 32bit, Mac OS X, BrainVoyager 21: Win64,(Oct 18) macOS (25-07-22)
- New confound predictor output added: Root Mean Square Displacement (dRMS), Support for BV20.X / BVQX 3.X

Version 2.0 (02-10-2015)Windows 64bitWindows 32bit, MacOS
   - Support for batch preocessing by loading a _3DMC.mdm (user created file containing multiple _3DMC.sdm)

Version 1.0 (01-07-2015)Windows 64bitWindows 32bitMacOS

 MoCoPro21 MacOSX

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