GIFTI conversion plugin


GIFTI is an XML-based format that stores surface data for (f)MRI (for more information, please see The following conversions are possible (notice the different naming conventions):

Help is included in the plugin's zip files. If placed in the 'BVExtensions/Plugins_x/' folder, the help will be accessible via the BrainVoyager Plugins menu > Description > GIFTI > link to help.


For BrainVoyager 20 & 21 on Mac OS X (including a bug fix which caused a crash for HCP fsaverage files)(20-09-18). Windows 64 (beta version 21-09-18)

GIFTIConverter v1.6: for BrainVoyager 20 on Windows 64-bit.

Converter v1.4 including export and import of POIs (GIFTI label files) for BrainVoyager QX 2.3 and higher: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac OS X.


The built-in HTML manual can be found in via a link in the "Description Of Plugins" option of the "Plugins" menu in BrainVoyager or in /Documents/BVExtensions/Plugins_64/GIFTIconverterHelp/. For a quick look at the documentation, the manual for v1.5 can be downloaded here.

Version history:

Converter v1.3 was updated with color import and export. Compilation for Linux Ubuntu.
Figure: GIFTI surface in Brainvoyager and Caret


For conversion of volumetric data, see the NIfTI conversion plugin page.