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Connectivity and Graph Analysis Plugins (2020)

The next-generation release of the Connectivity and Graph Analysis Plugins. The plugin has been separated into two distinct plugins.

  1. ConnA (Connectivity Analysis)
    Provides a simple GUI to set up a single subject connectivity analysis. The user can configure the estimator, select which VOIs and set an output directory for the resulting (as well as intermediate) files are written in CSV format.

  2. GraphA (Graph Analysis)
    The plugin uses the files generated from ConnA to analyze and plot the connectivity matrices from a graph-theoretical perspective.

This decision will enable us to further develop the plugins in a multitude of ways; i.e. support cortex connectivity, etc.
Both plugins are already in preview/testing phase. For inquiries, requests and access to the releases, please contact the maintainer Avraam Marimpis <marimpis at>.

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