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Next version: or perform (steps of) cortex-based alignment (CBA): aligning curvatures (*.smp) of surface files (*.srf).
v0.2.2 (BrainVoyager 22): zip (05-06-23)
v0.2.x (QX 2.8 and higher): also perform intensity inhomogeneity correction (IIHC) and /or transform to AC-PC and Talairach space.
v0.1 (QX 2.6 and 2.8): Create multiple anatomical projects (*.vmr), resample to 1x1x1mm and transform to sagittal orientation.
figure: interface of anatomywizard v0.2


v0.2: for Windows 64-bit      for Mac OS 10.8 (both BrainVoyager QX 2.8 only) Latest update: 22-08-13
This batch processing bundle consists of anatomywizard.js, anatomywizard.ui and anatomywizard.dylib, place all in
/Documents/BVQXExtensions/Plugins_64/ folder, then start BrainVoyager QX.


In the BrainVoyager menu, select 'Plugins' > 'anatomywizard'; then select the required processes via checkboxes on the first tab, configure the parameters (if necessary) for VMR creation and resampling ("isovoxelation") and load the required files (first set the number of projects). Please note that once the files have been loaded, a text file is saved in the 'super'directory of the first file, so that later the filenames can just be selected by loading the text file with filenames instead of each file separately.


a. Sometimes BrainVoyager does not accept any other files than *.dcm in a directory when creating projects.
b. If any file that should be created by the anatomywizard with the same filename already exist, they will be overwritten without asking.
c. When multiple *.vmr projects are created, they should have the same acquisition parameters for using this wizard. Same parameters for the projects are not necessary if the 'Create projects' step is skipped.
d. (v0.2.x) Any *aACPC.vmr/*aTAL.vmr files are not closed after being created.
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