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Plugin that generates one or multiple design matrix files (*.sdm) from BrainVoyager stimulation protocol files (*.prt).

Version 0.8.3/0.8.4: Added option to add and z-transform heart rate (*_HR.sdm/rtc) and respiratory (*_RVT.sdm/rtc) confounds. In v0.8.3, the added confounds will be recognised from the name, so it would be possible to have a variable amount of confounds.
Note 12-01-17: If the runs have a lot of volumes and/or voxels, it might be better to close programs in the background, so the plugin can use more resources.
Note 23-01-15: when not using confounds, the first protocol is unintentionally skipped; the tool is currently being updated. 
Note 03-06-15: a version (v0.8.4) has been uploaded, which is a bugfix for v0.8.3; it has similar functionality as v0.8.3, but the internal design has been changed to make it more robust.

Assumptions for designmatrixgenerator v083/v084:

- Expected order of files in script
- filenames:
    A stimulation protocol file should contain substring ".prt"
    A volume time course file should contain substring ".vtc"
    A motion estimates file should contain substring "_3DMC"
    A heart rate measurement file should contain substring "_HR"
    A respiratory measurement file should contain substring "_RVT"

- number of volumes: should be same for functional data (*.vtc), design matrix/confounds (*.sdm/rtc) and stimulation protocol (*.prt).
- the protocol files (*.prt) need to be in the same folder as the functional data (*.vtc) files
Limitations of v0.8.3/0.8.4:
- pathnames and filenames: spaces in pathnames and filenames do not work, for example not "/HD/My experiment/First run.vtc" but rather "/HD/MyExperiment/FirstRun.vtc".
- Parametric protocols are not recognised (in case of parametric protocols (PRT v3), only the main predictor is generated).
- it might not be fully possible to scale the predictors via the plugin in the same way as via the GUI (if the predictors are scaled to another value than 1.0)
Windows 7 64-bit for BrainVoyager 20 (this version does generate design matrix files (*.sdm), but does not save the link in VTCs)
Windows 7 64-bit for BrainVoyager 20 (does load VTCs in memory, does save link; beta version)
designmatrixgenerator beta for Windows 7 64-bit for BrainVoyager 20 (just improved on memory management)
Manual: PDF
Latest update: 02-03-2017

News 14-10-2014: Finally! There is a BrainVoyager script again to write a list of stimulation protocols (*.prt) and volume time course files (*.vtc) to a text file. This text file can be used with the designmatrixgenerator and the protocollinker. See the filenamecollector script page.

Screen_shot_2014-04-11_at_10.20.32                           design designmatrixgenerator v08

This plugin has been tested with different cases, but in case of any issues, please do contact support AT brainvoyager DOT com.
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