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Fiber files (*.fbr) created with TrackMark ("TM") have a slightly different format than fiber files generated with BrainVoyager ("BV"). In order to import TrackMark fiber files into BV, a minor change has to be applied to the TM fiber file.

Open the TM fiber file in a text editor. The first lines are, where NrOfGroups can be an arbitrary number:

FileVersion: 3
CoordsType:  BVI
NrOfGroups:  11

This has to be changed into (watch the empty line between FibersOriginZ and NrOfGroups):

FileVersion:   4
CoordsType:    BVI
FibersOriginX: 128
FibersOriginY: 128
FibersOriginZ: 96

NrOfGroups:    11

Next, change each Name field, by adding quotes "<fiber group name> " to each Name field, ie

Name: TPA tracking from VOI A converts into Name: "TPA tracking from VOI A"

save the fiber file, and import it into BV via the DTI > Load Fibers command.

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