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FTP Server

What is the Brainvoyager FTP server used for?

Our FTP server  can be used for 2 things:

1. Uploading of user data:

Please zip your data, create a folder with a clear name in the upload directory and upload your zip file there.

2. Downloading any of the following

+++BV_DATA+++ (sample dataset to test the program's capabilities)
+++COURSES+++ (documentation from former courses)
+++CUSTOMER_SERVICE+++ (third party applications, BESA, HASP, ZEB)
+++DOCUMENTATION+++ (global documentation folder)
+++INSTALLER+++ (get installers from older Brainvoyager versions)
+++USER_CAFE+++ (data used for/by user cafe members)


How do I get on the FTP server?

To access the server you first need to know the host address (, the username and the password. For security reasons the password is changed every couple of months, so please ask support(AT)brainvoyager(DOT)com for the current login information.

Once you obtained all the information, you still need a program that is able to access an ftp server.

1) Most web browsers support access to an ftp server nowadays. This is by far the easiest way, but to my knowledge they only allow downloading and not uploading of files. To access the FTP server this way, just enter the following in the address bar of your browser:
(replacing username and password with the login information)

2) To be able to upload data as well, you can use special FTP client software. There are a lot of free FTP client programs available, so you can choose whichever one you like. For those who have never heard of an FTP client I will show you one that is simple to use and has an easy user interface: FileZilla


Using FileZilla

After installing and starting the program you can enter the Host Address, Username and Password like shown below. Then you can just press the QuickConnect button, the Port number can be left empty.



After login in you have 2 windows to browse in. On the left side you can browse on your local computer and on the right side on our FTP server. The way to transfer files is just simply to drag and drop them from one folder to the other.


Notice you have only permission to upload files in the upload folder. Please make a folder here with a recognizable name and zip the data before you upload it.

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