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Sending Data

To solve a support problem it will sometimes be necessary for us to have a look at your data or you might want to share the data yourself to show us the problem. There are different options available to send us your data.

1. Email attachment

Only usable for small files (preferably below 2MB). It is generally used for sending us screen shots, text-based files (e.g. the protocol) and single Dicom files.

2. File hosting websites

Recently more and more users find their way to free websites where you can just upload data and send the download link to whoever you want. They seem like the fastest and easiest way to share files. The websites differ a bit in maximum allowed file size, speed and ease of use. Here is a list of some good file hosting websites.

3. FTP server

We also offer users the possibility to upload their data to our FTP server. For security reasons we change the login information now and then so please contact us to get access to the server. More information about our FTP server and how you can access it can be found here.

4. Teamviewer

A new support option that does not require you to upload all your data but that allows us to work together on your own PC is teamviewer. Some more information from us on how it works and how you can request a teamviewer session with someone from the support team can be found here.

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