BrainVoyager Analysis Predictor Tool (Stand Alone, Multi-Platform)

Developed by Jurriaan Born


BVA-PT (previously BVA-HT) is a free tool, developed as an adaptation of a utility that the author wrote when he was working on fMRI data with BrainVoyagerâ„¢. It provides easy to use processing of design matrix files (.rtc and .sdm files), which contain predictors (regressors) for general linear model (GLM) analyses with BrainVoyagerâ„¢. 

At this time, the tool offers an easy to use interface to create empty (a.k.a. "dummy coded") predictors for use in multi-subject GLM.

Furthermore, the tool can now also create predictors to model the effects of habituation during an fMRI scan session. Three types of models are supported to start with: linear decrease, sigmoidal and non-linear decrease. See the program manual which is included in the downloads for more details. 

Finally, the program can read in motion correction estimates (that are created in the fmr-preprocessing) remove linear trend, z-transform and filter the data with a high pass and/or low pass filter.

All procedures can be performed on single files, or on multiple files that are recognized by a name pattern.

The tool is available as a package including documentation from here (Updated Version 1.5.2, February 25th 2011):

System requirements
Windows system:

Linux system (test system was Ubuntu 8.10, 32bit)

Macintosh system

Version history
1.5.2 Minor update

1.5.1 Minor update

1.5 Major update



1.0.1 Minor update.

1.0b first release

Known Issues
The linux version may not react to the quit button correctly. This is a suspected problem caused by an error in writing the preferences file. While it is annoying, it is harmless. (6 May 2009)