Talairach / MNI Coordinate to Spherical VOI

Talairach / MNI Coordinate to VOI: 

You can use this plugin to generate a spherical VOI for which you can choose the radius and the Talairach / MNI coordinate.



To create multiple VOIs you can use the textfile option in the dialog. Here you can specify a single text line for each VOI with all the necessary information. More details and an example are provided when you switch to the textfile menu as shown in the screenshot above.

Version History:

v2.2: - MNI support, Compatible to BV 21.0

TalMNICoord2VOI 2.2 for BV 21.0 and higher (Win 64-bit)

v2.1: - Compatible to BV 20.2

TalCoord2VOI 2.1 for BVQX 3.2 and higher (Win 64-bit)

v2.0: - Added option to create multiple VOIs at once using text input instead of UI

TalCoord2VOI 2.0 for BVQX 2.2 and higher (Win 32-bit) 

TalCoord2VOI 2.0 for BVQX 2.2 and higher (Win 64-bit)

TalCoord2VOI 2.0 for BVQX 2.2 and higher (Mac OS X)   TalCoord2VOI 2.0 for BrainVoyager 20 and higher (Mac OS X) (25-09-18)