Automatically create script from user interface

When you write a plug-in or script with a user interface (created in QT Designer), you will  always have a UI (user interface) file and need a script to communicate with your user interface. Making this script costs quite some time because you need to pay a lot of attention to the exact naming you used in the User Interface and there is no way to debug the script in case you made a spelling mistake. The "Script from UI" plug-in will analyze the UI file and automatically write a script, recognizing the basic script elements and creating functions for all buttons.

It currently does the following:

Download the Plug-in for BrainvoyagerQX 2.2

ScriptFromUI Windows 32-bit
ScriptFromUI Windows 64-bit
ScriptFromUI Mac (compiled in Snow Leopard)

note: You can also use it with brainvoyager 2.1 but then you need to replace "bvqx.FindChild" with "dlg.findChild"