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  1. start the terminal. (~$ means your logged in as a normal user, don't type it...)
  2. cd to the directory containing the BrainVoyager executable:
    ~$ cd /Applications/BrainVoyager\ QX\ 64/BrainVoyager\
  3. start BrainVoyager by typing
    ~$ ./BrainVoyager\ QX &
  4. start a following instance by typing the same command as in 3.
  5. If you're running BrainVoyagerQX on a network license, additional steps are needed, namely to copy the nethasp.ini file into the directory where the executable lives:
    ~$ cd /Applications/BrainVoyager\ QX\ 64/
    ~$ cp nethasp.ini BrainVoyager\
  6. Then start BrainVoyager as in steps 2 and 3.
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