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Batch processing wizard for anatomical data

Batch processing script for anatomical data (BVQX 2.2, 2.3)

Purpose: Script to create multiple anatomical data (VMR) projects.

Description: The names of the first files (*.dcm, etc) can be delivered in a text file 'filenames.txt',

which is by default read from the PathToData (/Documents/BVQXSampleData/); this value can be changed

manually in the script. The text file with filenames should consist of: on the first line the number of files, then on each consecutive line one filename (see screenshot below).

The same acquisition parameters are presumed for each anatomy, which in this version of the script

have to be changed manually. The anatomical projects simply get the name 'anatomy + number.vmr'.

Usage: Load script in BrainVoyager Script Editor, create text file with first file names, change values below if necessary, then press 'Run'.

Next versions: script will get interface (dialog) for changing acquisition parameters, path to filename and checkboxes for reorientation and isovoxelation of VMR.

Script: vmrcreator.js (zipped, including screenshot). Unzip and save in directory /Documents/BVQXExtensions/Scripts/.

Latest update: 13-05-2011.


Batch processing wizard for anatomical data (BVQX 1.9, 1.10 and 2.0)

The script is meant to create several VMR projects via a user interface. It does not require manual modifications, because a user interface for the script is provided. Pop-up dialogs will ask for necessary files and values.
Download it here

In this document the dialogs of the script are shown.