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COPE Plugin for EPI Distortion Correction

Cope user interface screenshot

EPI images suffer from geometric distortions due to non-zero off-resonance fields. The Cope plugin estimates and corrects these deformations using a pair of EPI images acquired with opposite phase-encoding directions (either anterior-posterior and posterior-anterior, or left-right and right-left).

If you don't have the current version of Cope installed, download the ZIP file for your operating system below, unpack it, and place the files in your BrainVoyager plugins folder. You can then start Cope from BrainVoyager's Plugins menu and access the manual by going to Plugins > Description Of Plugins and scrolling down to the section for Cope.

The manual can also be found online here


COPE 1.0

Windows 64-bit for BrainVoyager 20.x

Mac OS X for BrainVoyager 20.x (incl. help)

Cope 0.5 (2015-03-05)

Version 0.5 has no computational changes but:

  • Important fix for users of Windows 7 or earlier: plugin will now show up in the plugins menu!
  • Help is displayed in the GUI so it is more accessible to users
  • Some more information in the help

Download links:

displacement files in COPE

Figure: diagram that shows which voxel displacement map (VDM) is to be used for correction of each EPI file