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Getting Started Guide for scripting in BrainVoyager

Start with scripting in BrainVoyager

The Scripting Getting Started Guide for BrainVoyager provides tutorials and practical examples, for instance how to perform preprocessing of multiple projects via scripting or to read and write a text file. Some basic programming examples like `variables', `arrays' and `loops' are explained in appendices of the chapters.

The guide and example scripts from the guide can be downloaded via the links below:

Getting Started Guide for Scripting zipped PDF (BrainVoyager 20.6) Latest update: 22-06-2017

Scripts from the Scripting Getting Started Guide (*.zip)

Front cover:


Please note that it is also possible to write scripts using the Visual Scripting Editor (since summer 2017).


Start with scripting in BrainVoyager QX 1.10 and 2.0

To learn scripting in BrainVoyager QX 1.10.4 and 2.0, the following document is still available: